Yesterday was Baba’s birthday; his first without him. We were all remembering him fondly, his visits with Amchungla/Abu to Thekambattu.
Last year, I (Sonati) finished a painting; a view from Hippo Rock of the landscape where we all walked together the last time he was here. We posted it and it reached him two days before his (8oth) birthday on the 16th of September. We would like to think he enjoyed one last “trip” to Thekambattu before he passed away 13 days later on the 29th.

A Wendell Berry requiem seems appropriate for our beloved Baba/Ata

In the day of his work
when the grace of the world
was upon him, he made his way, 
not turning back or looking aside,
light in his stride.

Now may the grace of death
be upon him, his spirit blessed
in deep song of the world
and the stars turning, the seasons
returning, and long rest.