I remember that at a GBM in H7 long ago, I had said that the eloquent and the loud ones will always have their say, but someone should speak for the tentative and the unsure, as well. So, though this may turn out to be a contentious post, here goes: (If everyone who choses to do so, will please comment on the blog itself, then some measure of a discussion can take place)

It was great to have met so many friends, acquaintances and now-friends at one go. That really is the raison d'etre of the reunion; so I feel that things should be geared towards meetings; meetings should not become secondary.

There were cribs that the Indian-residents among us were not as enthu as the US/NRI contingent, and the campus residents even less so. Well, I guess it is the case that those of us who live in India (and more so those who live on campus) have an ongoing relationship with the campus and its residents which is not nostalgic. So we are not reliving the past as much as those who haven't visited IIT for 25 years are.

May I also say that collecting money and pledges for the Legacy project is fine but doing it aggressively (and with an element of RG-giri) is unacceptable. One must accept that some alumni are not in a position to or do not want to donate money to IIT. In fact, the ₹6000 registration fee (and accommodation extra and photos extra) is itself very steep for a bag, a mug, a T-shirt and a few meals. Surely, in the scheme of things, IIT can afford to host the Silver Jubilee batch.

The question of waste too arises: Did anyone count the number of bags left behind at the guest-houses? And surely, there must be an alternative to sealed plastic tumblers for every drink of water.

Most people who come, want to meet old friends and make new ones, This can be encouraged by providing chai and biscuits at a few venues. Then whosoever is interested can join the cack session. I know from my interactions with some of the current students that they want to meet and talk to alumni; and the fact that the reunion and the alumni day are during the holidays means that very few get the chance: Would it not make sense to move the reunion to term time?

In any case, another idea that can be explored is that of visiting alumni: I would imagine that a couple of weeks' visit every term from an alumnus or two would leaven the spirit of the place. The students get to interact with Industry, NGOs, Academia, Government (even the odd farmer:-), and the alumni get to meet young blood , which is always exciting.
Will junta (Class of '86, profs, students, anyone who has an opinion on this, Class of '87 who will go through this, this year...) take a little time and comment on what I have said.

After all, a legacy is for keeps.